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Strategic Consulting and Image Management

Today it's more important than ever to associate your brand with your stakeholders, in order to trigger wide-scale behavioral changes and to even influence government policy. JWPR is the strategist of choice for many organizations in Israel. Our team develops 360° smart methods to communicate messages in innovative ways and get the job done.



Our mission is to deliver and maintain the proper perspective of our clients with their customers, investors, and other stakeholders. Our positive record with the Israeli media has been proven time after time. Our team at JWPR has strong, genuine relationships with key players in the media, which we see as vital for success. We offer 24/7 availability, meaning we are able to respond to last minute developments and front media campaigns.




We have the ability to respond to disruptive unexpected events in an organized manner, making ourselves totally available in the clients' time of need, taking a pragmatic approach with an organized game plan to turn any crisis into an opportunity.

Intra-organizational Communication

We assist in the flow of information in the form of communication within an organization. Information must be properly and efficiently communicated within the entirety of an organization in order to ensure fluidity.


We assist in preparing your team to communicate internally in order to prevent any internal indecision or disarray.

Social Media

It's safe to say that most people have at least one social media profile. These networks are not only a way for organizations to reach prospects or customers, but are also a dynamic way to directly engage with an audience.

We work with the best in the social media world, specializing in Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more. We will guide you in developing a social media strategy that meets your unique goals.

Government and Regulatory Relations

We are a devoted Public Relations firm that will endeavor to get you everywhere you need to go, establishing a direct dialogue with legislators, interest groups, and members of governmental institutions.

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